We are located in Rockwood, Tennessee and grow our vegetables on our small farm. We start our plants from seed and grow organic produce, fertilizing with worm compost here on the farm

We sell produce at our farm stand produced through our demonstration project. The project demonstrates effective use of planning and best methods for obtaining optimal yields in urban landscaping through the use of permaculture practices. This will enable participants to see how a small plot can be used to grow fresh, wholesome food to supplement family food budgets, or produce extra income utilizing basic entrepreneurial skills in conjunction with local demand by utilizing local venues. Participants will be engaged in school classrooms, at the garden, at the farmerís market and visitor center.

The project will encourage gardening for local food production from garden to plate and demonstrate a proven method. We will seek to include classroom teachers who would like to teach integrative lessons in health, nutrition, science, economics and marketing centered on vegetable and fruit production to provide local fresh food sources. Stop by the Farm Stand and tour our gardens. 

Agriculture is one of my greatest interests, when I'm not working on my school work for UT,  I always try to get out and weed, fertilize and harvest vegetables. 

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